People living with HIV/AIDs,YNGP y not go public?

This is the post excerpt.

I’m SherryShavon ..I started the SherryShavon Network as the Founder and CEO of LOOP establish since 2007

My voice will be heard, now 🎶 carry on!

I started this blog because its alot of people living in silence worried about what others may think when dealing with way bigger, super extraordinary hot epic issues. Yes lets not hold back no more I’m coming with the cure of breaking silence. When you are passionated about what you do and what you believe in, its not work to me its research, its resources in the palm of your hand. I’m the founder of LOOP. Yes the CEO of Lives Of Ordinary People. And the question to you Y Not Go Public on important topic and break the silence.

I want to come into your home…lets talk lemonade…