Lord knows I’m passionate about our kids and my vision. Lets talk!!

I was able to share my vision on yesterday with some co workers and the supervisor of Vascular & cardiologist at Emory. To hear the supervisor say God has blessed you with a gift and that will transpire, becuase you are passionate about your vision lets me know God has complete control I really admire you Shavon. And when I left that clinic only to seek an opportunity I was extended an offer, right on sight by the Dr. Who heard only a little and said HIRE HER..Jesus on the spot. He ask her have you hired her harry up evetybody her likes her…I’m waiting on the salary and praying for a overflow my seed has been planted. I pulled up at my crib and recvd a knock at the door same day a lady I talked to in February at the park came by and said she was praying for my vision and that she’s praying that it manifest she was so impressed with the whole concept and that God going to connect you to the right people so I have to stay humble. God knows what he put in me and I WANT stop until this gets in the right hands. I will be the next multi millionaire because of a passion and a purpose WATCH GOD.


Author: sherryshavon

Founder and CEO of LOOP Lives Of Ordinary People & Y NOT GO PUBLIC?

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