, Their are Thousands of children living in the United States today — and millions of children around the world — got HIV from their mothers before, during, or shortly after birth. But thanks to aggressive treatments for pregnant women, the number of new cases of childhood AIDS in this country has declined. Children who already have HIV need extensive medical care, including medications to attack the virus and prevent complications. To protect children in the future, women with HIV need to work with their doctors to keep from spreading the virus to their babies.

In the last available statistics in the United States, an estimated 9,525 teens and adults are living with HIV that they were born with — a number that thankfully isn’t growing rapidly. In 2008, an estimated 182 children under age 13 were newly diagnosed with HIV infection, based on figures from 34 states and five U.S. protectorates.

We have to keep them motivated and let them know to protect themselves and it’s going to be alright. 

Lord knows I’m passionate about our kids. Lets talk.


Author: sherryshavon

Founder and CEO of LOOP Lives Of Ordinary People & Y NOT GO PUBLIC?

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