Key Affected Populations

Men who have sex with other men

People who inject drugs

Sex workers





Young People and Adolescents

My main focus is on children and teens starting somewhere.

240,000 children were infected with HIV during 2013 3yrs ago so now it has topped that. Around 700 new infection every day. 

Answer to your question..Mothers to children transmission (MTCT) child birth or breastfeeding. 

Another Answer to your question NO I’m not effected this has always been my research after I had to friends and a family member who passed away from this deadly disease. I never knew why they would always sugar coat the cost of death. Yes its alot of diagnose when it comes to the reason immune system related sicknesses. 

But I’m going hard with the blog so get ready get ready.

I live in Atlanta GA where its hard to date where this state is  beling labor as 3rd world HIV/Aids high population with Epic examples stating all blacks. Really is this to stop blacks from moving here or is it true? How many whites?  I’m not Prejudice at all. I just would like to know why those numbers come up as all black folks and then you say is all Epic.


Author: sherryshavon

Founder and CEO of LOOP Lives Of Ordinary People & Y NOT GO PUBLIC?

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